About Me

Hawaii is my favorite place on earth, but that statement doesn’t distinguish me from the throngs of tourists or people who dream of going to Hawaii. I love Hawaii not only for the rhythm of its warm turquoise waves, swaying palm trees, baby powder sands, nor solely the intoxicating scent of its flowers, or its succulent fruits, or its golden warm weather. No, because that could describe just about any tropical place on earth. I love Hawaii for its aloha! Aloha is commonly known as a Hawaiian word of greeting, farewell, and love. It’s also known for meanings such as affection, peace, mercy, and compassion. But the true meaning of aloha and the aloha spirit, encompasses much more than that; it’s a way of life. Aloha is a way of living and treating each other with love and respect. Its deep meaning starts by teaching ourselves to love our own beings first and afterwards to spread the love to others.

I am on a personal quest to seek out joy, beauty, and serenity in each day. I am going to do this by focusing on all the things I love; my family, children, sewing, interior design, photography, organizing, gardening, food, and travel. As I discover my own creations or stumble upon those of others, I will share anything that makes me feel joyous, inspired, amazed, thankful, or peaceful. I am doing this for myself and anyone else I can reach and I am going to document it with this blog. Welcome to the treasure chest of all my favorite things!

My highest hope for this blog is that it will inspire you to find your aloha, to look for joy in every day, and scatter it!

Domestic details:
I am a blissful young wife and mother. My husband and I met in college and married a week after our graduation. Ever since then, I have been foloowing him where ever the Air Force sends him. We have moved a total 8 times in 5 years! This last move has brought us to the other noncontiguous state, Alaska. We are taking it all in and trying to acclimate to our new surroundings. Alaska, while definitely not Hawaii, is magical in and of itself! I long for the days when things will slow down, but we have lived in some awesome places and I have had a lot of houses to decorate! Two years ago, we welcomed our first child, Noah, to our family. We are adoring parents. How could we not be when he is so perfect? I am so blessed and fulfilled to be mommy to my precious Mr Monks.

 My creative beginnings:
I have always been blessed with an eye for beauty and the motivation and talent to achieve it. I find inspiration any and everywhere. I channel this abundance of inspiration by creating through many mediums. My first love is interior design. Though I dream of having unlimited resources, I specialize in budget design and décor. I learned how to sew out of necessity to stay on budget with my home designs. After the birth of my son, a whole new world was opened to me; motherhood obviously, but also the world of baby and mommy fashions! I became obsessed with creating my own diaper bag designs and matching accessories. People loved my designs and mostly my eye for fabric and colors, so much so that I began to be solicited for a number of various custom designs from yoga/gym bags to laptop cases. While I still love to design and sew, I have started only filling custom orders so I can focus on all the other fun projects featured here!


Features & Guest Blogging...
Do you have something that brings joy? Want to scatter it? Would you like to be featured on Finding My Aloha? Send me an email with details and photos (if you have them) and I'll take a look! I love hearing from you!

Likewise, I love to guest blog or share my ideas and endeavors. Just let me know if you would like me to bring a little aloha to your part of blogosphere!


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