Monday, June 28, 2010

DIY grommets

We move alot. Alot of houses with countless windows. As fate would have it the drapes from the old house never fit the windows in the new house. This quickly becomes a costly problem, that is before a genious invented plastic snap grommets and began mass producing them. These inexpensive grommets have single-handedly open a new world of affordable drapery options for me. I have been transforming sheets, tablecloths, and any amount of fabric ever since. My newest victims are some inexpensive drapes from JCPenney. It is so easy, seriously, its a snap (pun intended)!
The grommets usually come in packs of 8. I bought mine at a local fabric store but I have seen them at Walmart for about $7/pkg.

Using the provided template, just trace onto the fabric where you want the grommets. I spaced mine every 7 inches.

Each grommet pops in half. Position the grommets on both sides of the fabric where you have cut out your template. If using light weight fabric, I suggest sandwiching some hot glue around the inside of the grommet before snapping them together. This is just to prevent the fabric from pulling out of the grommet during use.

Here is the finished shot:
PS: Dont you just love my lamp? Its pottery with a fun glaze effect. I found it at Goodwill and it was pretty 1970's when I got it. What a difference a new shade can make! I ♥ it!

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