Monday, July 12, 2010

DIY Milk Glass

I have an awkward nook above my corner fireplace. It is a tough place to decorate. All of us girls in my neighborhood are always swapping ideas of what to do with the space. I like how I have it but it needs a summertime facelift. The decor thats there now hasnt changed since Thanksgiving. Yikes!
I thought about swapping out everything but I like the way my "sea" branch and the cross fill the space. I decided to try switching out the vase the branch sits in. After looking around my house I couldnt find anything. Then, I remembered a faux milk glass technique that I have been wanting to try out. So I grabbed my $3 Safeway vase...

I poured the "muted gold" semi gloss latex paint I had left over from painting my dining room ceiling into the vase, rolled it around, poured out the excess paint, and tipped it over to dry upside down on a paper plate.
It definitely brightens up that corner of the room. It still isnt perfect or anywhere close to what I would dream of seeing up there, but with a pricetag of FREE I cant complain. We are moving soon so this will help freshen the place up!

Curious? Inspired? Check out these other milk glass creations.

On another note, I just finished up my laundry room project so look for pictures and tutorials this week! AND, today's mail brought FMA's new top secret, super cool giveaway. I am SOOOOO excited about this one. Ill let you in on it soon...cross my heart ;)

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