Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I've been featured! :)

WOW! Someday Crafts just featured my DIY Designer Jeans tutorial! I am just giddy with excitement! Thank you to all the gals over at Someday Crafts! I feel so honored! I have been a fan of their blog for awhile now!

I just found out that Busy Mommy Media featured my Laundry Room Makeover too! They featured it on July 23rd but I just now found out about it. A BIG THANK YOU! Better late than never, right? If you havent seen their site, you really should head over and check them out! Pretty cool!
BWS tips button

Kelly at Honest Nice Woman also featured my Laundry Room Makeover on July 26th. Gosh, why I am just finding out about these now? Guess I'm a slacker! Thanks Kelly, I am so flattered! Again, better late than never.
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I also found out that Yellow Alien featured my Lamp Makeover on the Turkish site Thanks!

Nothing tickles me more than being featured or meeting new followers! I just love the blog community! Its so great to share ideas and inspiration with all you creative people out there!


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