Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dress and A Ditty {Best of the 1920's}

Remember, my friend Melissa over at Oh My Darling? She gave us our first Dress and a Ditty about a month ago. I love Melissa's musical and fashion taste, so when I decided to do a 1920's throwback week and begged her to contribute! I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!

The 1920’s were quite a time for the blossoming of creative endeavors, with both fashion and music being at the forefront of the Roaring 20’s. More specifically, this era was known as the Jazz Age, for the sudden popularity of this innovative and infectious style of music, and the flapper style went hand-in-hand with the gorgeous sounds of the trumpet or saxophone.

So, for this “dress and a ditty,” we’re going way back into the youtube archives for the song (sorry, no actual footage could be taken at this point in history!) of the “Heebie Jeebies,” a song that was performed and recorded by Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five in 1926. This song is viewed as one of the early influences on the jazz movement, plus it helped to popularize the musical style of “scatting.” Eighty-some years later, this song still sounds so very powerful and makes this modern-day lady just want to get up and dance.

Okay, so now that you’re twirling and gyrating to some hot jazz, what’s a 20s-inspired girl to wear? Well, you would definitely be a vintage-inspired stunner in this Ted Baker Embroidered Flapper Dress from ASOS. Seriously, who wants to host a 1920's theme party just so that we have an excuse to wear this beautifully designed and embellished dress.
The dropwaist of this Banana Republic silk dress gives it that perfect mix of retro appeal and modern-day relevance. Pairing it with a cloche hat like the one the model is wearing is a nice extra way to pay homage to the aesthetic of the 20s.
And leave it to etsy to be a great resource for pieces with an authentic vintage flair. This lace flapper dress is simply gorgeous, with the deco patterns of the lace and embellishments. Can’t you just imagine it being worn by a very fashion-forward lady, once upon a time?

Thanks Melissa! You're the cat's meow! ;)


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