Thursday, March 24, 2011

Beautiful Historic Printable Art

I wanted to give my "chalet-chic" living room some character by hanging vintage ski posters and historic artwork or drawings. In my search of the perfect art, I stumbled across the U.S. Fish & Wildlife National Digital Library. The library is completely public domain! I feel like someone just gave me the keys to the Smithsonian. In the spirit of paying it forward, I downloaded a couple images, restored them in Photoshop, and have made them into printables and downloadable images for your pleasure. Read on for the links and downloads...

The National Digital Library has a wealth of beautiful and historic images. You can peruse the library for yourself, but these are a couple of the images I selected and restored.

If you wish to download the full-res of the restored photos, click on the image and then right-click once the image opens in its own window, or you can download the original by following the photo credit link. Be sure to visit the photo credit for the historic facts about each photo too!

Photo Credit: Greany, Malcolm J./ USFWS 

Photo Credit: USFWS

Photo Credit: Olson, J.M./ USFWS

Photo Credit: Finley and Bohlman, USFWS

Photo Credit: Sr. Young, Chuck, USFWS

Photo Credit: Finley and Bohlman/ USFWS
Photo Credit: Finley and Bohlman/ USFWS

These are some line drawings from the USFWS and some random wildlife images I have converted into art. The downloads are in 8x10 dimensions and can be printed on 8.5x11 letter paper.

Click here to download Owl Printable Art #1

Click here to download Deer Printable Art
Click here to download Owl Printable Art #2
Click here to download Bear in Tree Printable Art

I printed off a couple of my favorites and framed them in my living room...

I hope you all enjoy these! I would love to hear from you if you decide to use them!


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