Saturday, April 9, 2011

DIY Easter Toddler Tie

Happy weekend everyone! I am adapting this project from the FMA archives while there's still plenty of time before Easter.  I originally sewed this fun toddler tie for my son to wear last Father's Day. While rummaging through my son's closet taking inventory for an Easter outfit, I ran across this tie and was happy to see it still fits my little guy. Wouldn't it make for such a cute Easter outfit? Since this was one of my first 15 posts, I figured many of you haven't seen it. If you're interested in making one for the little men in your life read on for the step-by-step picture tutorial.

Step One:    Use one of Dad's ties as a pattern and lay it on top of your fabric. I chose this fun blue polka dot from Moda. Leave 2 inches on either side of the tie and cut.
Step Two:    With the extra fabric cut an extra point of the tie out. This should resemble a triangle. Hold the points together, front sides of fabric facing each other, and sew the points together.
Step Three:  Turn newly sewn point inside-out and iron flat.
Step Four:  Fold tie in half lengthwise, with front of fabric facing each other and sew the seam lengthwise as pictured.
Step Five:  Once you have sewn the long lengthwise seam, turn it inside-out so front of fabric shows (technically its actually outside-out but whatever, you get the point.)
Step Six: Tuck a 1/2" of the blunt skinny end of the tie back inside itself and sew shut to finish it. Lay the tie flat and iron.

And now, because I can't resist a trip down memory lane, here's my little guy on his first Easter...

And again, last Easter...

Doesn't he look dapper in his blazer and saddle shoes?


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