Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Free Custom Subway Art

I have been waiting at the station, ready to jump on the train of subway art for awhile now. (haha, I crack myself up...ok, ok just indulge me!) Anyway, I decided to finally check it off my list now that I am getting more and more settled in the new house. I am offering two of them as free printables, and even offering to customize one of them for you! Read on for the details...

PROJECT #1 {personalized}
There's a sign that many military spouses have hanging in their homes. It usually says something like "Home is where the Air Force sends us" and has various States and Countries listed. It's a cute idea but I feel like the military is integrated into and sometimes seems to control every aspect of our life, so for my sanity I try to make a distinction between career and home anytime I can. I know my husband is serving our country, and I am too in my own right- still as honorable as it is, I try not to let this period of our life define us wholly because we are so much more than that. There is more to the man than a soldier, and there is more to us than just the family that follows him. I want something to commemorate all places we have lived and learned to call home no matter how brief it might have been, but I want to leave it at that. I have done this in the past by hanging groups of photos and labeling them with chip board lettering spelling out each state on their respective frames. Our new house is small and wall space is prime real estate around here, so I came up with this clean 8x10" subway word art, listing all the places we have lived since we've been married. 

I want to share a customized version of this with the first 15 people to request it. It works best if you have lived in several places. To fill space I can do it using city names, street names, etc. If you would like this personalized for yourself, please let me know by leaving a comment. If you are one of the first 15 people, I will contact you to get your personalized information and send you the full-resolution file. From there you can print it at home, order it through a photo printing site, make a background for your desktop- whatever you want to do with it! The only requirement is that you be a follower or subscriber of FMA. I will update this post once the quota has been met and all the copies are gone.
UPDATE: All free orders have been filled. If you would still like one, you will be able to order it from FMA's new shop! Look for it in the sidebar. Project #2 will remain a free download.

I also played around with one of my favorite movie quotes. It's from the film "Answer Man" starring Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham. It's a really whimsical quote and just I love the concept and imagery.

Click HERE to download the full-resolution. It is perfect as an 8x10" or smaller, I haven't tried it any larger. Once again, all I ask is that you be a follower or subscriber of FMA. You won't regret joining, if nothing else I post free printables on a fairly regular basis, so you'd want to stay in the loop anyway right?

Jennifer Ramos of MadeByGirl really coined it with her original art "I love you, blogs and coffee." She is one talented girl! While I have swooned over her prints on Etsy, I ultimately decided to modify it because I wanted a bit more of a techy look to it (by using a heart symbol and shortening it to "I heart blogs and coffee")   and once I moved into the new house and decided to use the loft as my office I also needed it to be a goldenrod color. This what I came up with...

I really wanted to be able to offer this one as a free download, but because Jennifer was first to coin it and because she is actually making money off her sales, I don't feel it would be right.  It's just so cute I wanted to share the result with you. Jennifer has several beautiful versions available in her shop, here's just a couple...

visit Jennifer at MadeByGirl.com to see more

More to come on my new office design! Until then, enjoy the printables!


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