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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Gifts for the men in our lives...

Men can be tough ones to buy for. Either they already have it or their wish list is so very specific you are afraid to pick it out by yourself. Or maybe you have the same problem I do... my husband never goes shopping so when he is forced to go around the holidays he sees all this cool stuff and starts buying for himself! I cannot tell you how many times my man has come home with the very same present I just wrapped and tucked under the tree!! This has forced me to be very creative when selecting his gifts. This year I had to be especially creative because for one, it has to fit in checked baggage, and for two, it has to be something he likes and uses in the next two months of hotel living. Ugh. Anyway, I wish I could share what I got him because I am uber excited about it, but alas, he is a darling reader of this blog. So, I will share all the things that couldn't make the cut this year. Read on 'cause they are super-duper cool!

 Unique Wooden I-Phone Cases
I love how masculine these cases are, and the racing stripes just make them that much more cool!
CaseCrown Rosewood/Maple, $27.92 on Amazon

Handcrafted Wooden Razor Handles
How cool are these?!?! DCWoodcrafts makes these custom wooden handles to fit Men's Mach 3 razor refills! What an elegant stocking stuffer!

DCWoodcrafts, $34.95 on Etsy

Peterson Photography Books
When we first bought our digital SLR (Nikon D90), my husband ordered these photography books by Bryan Peterson. They are short but packed with great tips and an understandable perspective on photography for beginners.
Bryan Anderson's Photography Books, $8.66-$17.13 on Amazon

Eye-Fi Wireless Camera Card
This is SO cool! If I didnt already have all of my husband's gifts I would SO get this! This is a wi-fi SD card that fits most cameras (it fits ours too). It automatically sends the pictures on the card to your computer via your wi-fi. It will even automatically upload the photos to photo sharing sites including Facebook. This single-handedly eliminates cords which is awesome, but what I am most excited about is this means no more whipping out the camera to capture an uber-awesome shot only to realize I left the camera card in the laptop. Doh!
Eye-Fi, $36.98 on Amazon

Quirky Beardowear (handmade)
How funny is this? A great gift that will give you all some laughs. Not only is this fun, but it's practical too. Why wear a hat and a scarf when you can have both and be so stylish?
Beardowear, $39.99 on Etsy

Vintage Travel Bar
I love this! This is a perfect gift to bring a little Mad Men chic into our life. Imagine all the swanky impromptu parties...
SheSitsByTheSeaShore, $34.00 on Etsy

Get him a gift certificate so he can build his own protein bars and workout shakes! Select all the ingredients complete with nutritional information. Pretty cool huh?
13 bars at $2.89 a bar, youbars.com
and lastly...

Logitech Harmony 1100
While this is the most spendy, this snazzy universal remote is sure to thrill any guy! I know my hubby would flip for one! These are one-stop-shop for remotes, eliminating mulitple remotes and thus bringing "harmony" in your home. The best part? While he thinks this is a gift for him, there's a little something in it for us too. This baby works through closed doors. Yep, that means we get to hide all the equipment behind closed doors. I know I would love that.
Logitech Harmony 1100, $281.80 on Amazon
Have you finished up shopping for the men in your life? What are you giving them this year?

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