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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Making PB Style Faux Coral and my Bathroom Reveal

I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend! I have been MIA lately because last week, very very last minute, we hopped on a jet and went down to Seattle to spend Easter with our friends! It was so impromptu and so exciting! We are back now and after a beautiful sunny 65 degree weekend, I came back with spring fever and a newfound fervor to finish my house! I began with my bathroom. It has remained undecorated since we moved in while I tried to figure out what I wanted to do with it. No time like the present right? So I got to work and have the reveal to share as well as some quick tutorials about making Pottery Barn style faux coral and faux sand! Read on for the reveal and how-to's...
This is the bathroom before...

Sorry its grainy, I copied it from the house listing.

And now here it is


I love the grey paint that was already on the walls, but I got tired of the monochromatic color scheme. I started brainstorming grey color combos. I have always loved spring green and grey together, and using it in the bathroom would be in a small enough scale that I could actually live with it.

The Shower Curtain
I first brought in the green with the new shower curtain. I have been looking for a shower curtain for four months now and still hadn't found anything that I loved. So, I decided to pull out one of my design tricks. I shopped for the color I wanted in flat bed sheets. I have used this in four other bathrooms and love how economical it is, especially back in the day when Walmart was selling them for $3-6! Because I dont feel like hemming the bottom up, I take it to the ceiling and I love the drama it adds. I usually keep it swept back as pictured above and use a clear heavy gauge shower liner.

I found this fresh green at Target. I always use full size flat sheets for this. All you do is find the top of the sheet and make a slit on each side to insert the shower rod through.

Slid it onto the rod and take it up to the ceiling and install.

Faux Decorative Coral
Yesterday, Beth from Stories of A to Z rocked my world when she posted about buying cheap aquarium decor and spray painting it white!! What!?! Why have I never thought of this?? I have pined after Pottery Barn's decorative corals pieces for years now and never once did this idea come to mind! I knew immediately that I HAD to do this and it was going to live in my new bathroom.

You can find a plethora of coral pieces to choose from at any pet store but I am shamelessly coping Beth and got mine from Walmart!

These were only a couple of dollars... compare that to the $40-$100+ price tag at Pottery Barn!

This is what they look like now after a coat of white paint...

And here they are in their new home...

After that project, I shopped my home for more decor and I remembered this wall hanging I had put in the box for Goodwill...

Sorry this one is grainy too...iphone pic

And here it is now...

I bought the hand towel that matches my rug at Walmart for $3. The rug is Fieldcrest from Target and it had a hand towel identical to this one but it was $12! The fish is a metal votive holder that I found at Ross years ago. It was made in Bali and was a dark rainbow color before. I attacked it with a coat of spring green acrylic paint. I love how fresh and simple it is now.

Faux Decorative Sand
It took all my sand to fill the huge apothecary in the picture above, but I also wanted sand in the small bottle hanging out with the coral. So, I shopped my pantry for sand looking ingredients. For this batch I sacrificed a cup of sugar, some garlic salt, and cinnamon. Funny combo, but it look so REAL! I didnt care that it smelled a little odd because it was going to be sealed with a cork and behind glass in my cabinet.

So, there you have it! I plan on painting an abstract canvas with the green, grey, and white to bring it all together. Ill hang it above the towel rack by the shower. Its such a breath of fresh air in there now! I love it!

Here's another look at it after...

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*My pictures are not nearly as pretty as they usually are. My beloved DSLR and lens need a cleaning so bad.  I have pushed off sending it in to get fixed this long because I cant bear to be without it. Now I am having trouble even focusing it....it's time :(

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