Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chalet-chic Living Room Reveal!

Finally, here are pictures of my living room in Alaska. About time, right? Well, I was hard at work completing it this spring and then summer in Alaska happened and we quickly learned you spend zero time in your house when it's summer in Alaska. I also always have a hard time posting reveals because I feel like a room is never really done. I'm always adding or changing things up, but I realized that if I never reveal them, then you never get to see them or help me with the progress. So, without further ado, here is my living room...

This is the living room BEFORE as the owners had it before we moved in...

And now this is AFTER...

A few notes as we go through the room, I painted the accent wall from the burnt orange that was here when we moved in, to Glidden's Wood Smoke. It's a shapeshifting color, usually it's grey, other times it can be anywhere from bluish to taupe. I really do love it. It reminds me of the sea, and how it's always changing colors and moods.

The most major addition to the room is the wooden TV built-in feature. I wanted a feature that would draw the eye up and expand on those soaring ceilings. Because of the room layout, this was literally the only place the TV could go, but the wooden feature hides all the cables and mounts so I am happy! I asked my husband to build this feature for me, so that it would give the effect of a chimney. It's just 2x4's with pine planks and it hangs on the walls studs with the TV mount. Since we are renting this home, we needed it to have an insignificant impact on the condition of the wall. We succeeded with holes no bigger than ones to hang a painting. I stained it to match the bamboo floors.

Since we are only in Alaska for three years, I really wanted to embrace a chalet style home by incorporating lodge decor but with a modern twist. I picked up the vintage wooden skis at Play It Again Sports for $20! I ordered a vintage ski poster to hang above the sofa. And remember that rug? Yep, that's the shag rug I pieced together from four accent rugs!

This is the room from upstairs, looking over the loft.

From this angle you catch a peek of the dining room too.

Though, I love the vintage ski poster, I'm still brainstorming what to do with the wall above the sofa. Also, we had to move the beautiful coffee table my husband built out of the room because our two year old son started trying to leap from the couch to the table. Out of fear of him knocking himself out, we brought the leather ottoman back in. I have grand plans for the ottoman though. I'm so mad because I have the perfect fabric to recover it with but darn it, I can't find my staple gun anywhere! Look for that project soon, once I either find the staple gun or give into my impatience and go buy another one, HA!

So, that's it for the living room, but here's a bonus picture of the dining room with my fall decor.

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