Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Organizing the towel bar

You might be thinking, "Does a towel bar really need to be organized?" Well, if you are finding towels thrown on the floor or draped around the bathroom or worse, still wet because they were crowded on the bar, I have a great solution. For about a year now I have been hanging our towels on hooks on the towel bar. I love this because a lot more towels can be hanging at the same time.  We found that we liked it not only for its organizational attributes but also found it faster and easier to grab and hang the towels. Yesterday, I took it a step further and added some flare...

I found a package of mini chalkboards for $1.49 at Joann's. The hooks I use are $0.99 for a 10 pack from IKEA (similiar to this). I all I did was hot glue the boards to the hooks and TA-DA! I think they turned out super cute!


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