Monday, June 21, 2010

Table for four please

I went antiqueing last weekend and came home with some gorgeous treasures. This is the first one I am sharing with you! I laid eyes on this and fell in love...
with one exception...can you guess? Yep, the hideous upholstery. However, I was actually elated it wasnt recently reupholstered as it meant I could finally learn how to do it myself. I didnt think it would be hard and I jump at any chance to sort through piles of fabric to find the perfect choice.

Now, here is the result! I LOVE it! :) It isnt quite the bold statement I wanted to make but it was a compromise with my leery husband. I got my color palette but in a more traditional pattern. Since he has to live with it too, I deemed it only fair. Who says compromise cant be beautiful?


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