Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding your design personality...

Back in March I bought a copy of Real Simple magazine for my plane ride to Austin. Who was I kidding? What on earth made me ever think I could read a magazine while flying with a 15 month old by myself? Anyway, I just now finished reading through it. Thats right, it took me 5 months to get through it. A real insight to the life of a toddler's mom.

My favorite part was an article titled "What's your decorating style?" by Meryl Levin.  It features a visual quiz that can help you narrow it down, click here to take the online version. These kind of quizzes and articles are so much fun! Carrie McCarthy from stylestatement.com  breaks it down into 4 categories: Sophisticated Classic, Modern Graphic, Cozy Casual, and Vintage Eclectic. 

What is your style? If you aren't sure or if you are just curious to see the results of this experiment, grab a camera and go around your house taking pictures of things you L.O.V.E. Take note what you love about these items. The color, texture, architecture, finish, etc. Be sure to select items that make you happy. Go through your cupboards, jewelry box, closet, look at the art on your walls, and your furniture. Here are the things that made the cut in my house...
I loooooove pottery. I am fascinated by all the gorgeous glazes. I love the way it feels substantial in my hand and I appreciate all the hard work that went into making it. I simply love how rough and imperfect it is.
On the other hand, I also love china and how delicate it is. It has to have color though. What I especially love about my Noritake robin's egg blue china is I got the service for 8 for $80 at Goodwill!! I love me a bargain! :) The silverware is near and dear to my heart as it has been passed down 3 generations to me. My dear aunt gave the set to me after my uncle died last year. It is really the only family heirloom I have. I love how it ties me to my families past. I also love this England baret ware bowl because of the colorful vintage flower detail.
I adore my bed. We bought it when we moved into our new house but I had been longing for it's Pottery Barn twin for 5 years. I like the dark espresso stain and its simple, airy structure. Same with my coffee table. It holds very special value to me as my husband made it for me for Christmas 4 years ago. He modeled it after Pottery Barn's Rhys table. It too has and airy structure about it.
Here is my Goodwill lamp again! You know I couldn't talk about my home design without pulling this one out! ;) Again, I love the glazed pottery look. I love how it brings color to a room in a natural looking way. I like my groupings of pictures as well. A sort of organized chaos.
Moving onto the fashion side of this experiment. I have already shared with you my love for designer denim. I love the beautiful, rich, dark washes. I love the natural texture and weight of denim. There is something about designer denim that feels so luxurious and authentic. I also love for it to have detail but still be contained and not gaudy.

These are some of my favorite articles of clothing. Much to my chagrin I can never buy clothing online. I have to be able to feel it. 90% of my decision to buy something is based on its texture. I crave soft cottons, modals, and cashmere. I also love to wear something with detail and interest but to pair it with something simple so that the detail is showcased and not lost in a mess of busy-ness. I love color! 
Lastly, my accessories. What you can tell from the shoe is that I don't like flashy reflective finishes. This is a sort of matte silver/zinc. The necklace tells me that I like a bit of whimsy sophistication, and once again it isn't super reflective. I chose the scarf because I love the natural feel and sophisticated look of linen but I have a bit of detailing by means of the crochet work on the bottom.

What does all this mean? Well, looking through my items I can determine that I am a 60/40 split between Cozy Casual (60) and Vintage Eclectic (40). I look for the authenticity in everything. It is what I value most. I love my vintage eclectic finds but I like them to be showcased and framed by their surroundings. I want my home to be comfortable and relaxed and I achieve this when I use natural materials such as my leather furniture and solid wood tables/bed, hand thrown pottery, and luxury textiles. I embrace color and it makes me happy!

So what is your decorating style? If you arent sure, try this experiment! Its fun! I did it with my aunt in her new home and we had a blast going through her treasured items and decoding her style. 

If this has really peaked your curiousity, let me recommend my favorite design book, The Domain Book of Home Design by Judy George. The book helps you determine your design personality using a short quiz. It not only helps label your style, it goes into the reason it is your style and the implications it has on your life. Whenever I read it, it feels like I am visiting a trusted therapist. It is THAT good!

Let me know if you try this experiment! What is your style? 

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