Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boardwalk Empire {Best of the 1920's}

This post marks the end of the Best of the 1920's Throwback week here on FMA. I am a bit sad...I had so much fun delving into this theme. I love the 1920's. Did you realize how much of our modern design was inspired by the fine arts and crafts of the twenties? What did you think? Did you enjoy the theme? Want to see more throwback weeks here on FMA? What era would you like to see next? I was thinking the 1960's...

If you too are sad to see this theme week end, dont fret! You can get your Twenties fix on HBO now...

Have you heard of the new HBO series Boardwalk Empire? Sopranos writer, Terence Winter and Director Martin Scorsese paired together on this new HBO drama set in during the prohibition in the 1920's. The pilot airs on HBO September 19th and this first episode reportedly cost $50 million! The show follows Atlantic City’s birth and the gangsters, bootleggers, and rum-runners who spawned it. It is rumored to be a mash up of the Sopranos and Mad Men. Personally, I cant wait to see it! I love the 1920's and period shows suck me in!

So what do ya think? Think you will watch it? Do you think HBO will make up their huge investment? Guess we will find out!


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