Saturday, September 11, 2010

Spotlight on Tiffany {Best of the 1920's}

Another icon of the 1920's in America are Tiffany lamps. These stunning lamps are the result of very fine handcraftsmanship and artistic design. They are referred to as Tiffany lamps because the creator was Louis Comfort Tiffany, the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany & Co. Tiffany started up Tiffany Studios and first focused on interior design and stained glass windows. Some of his treasured windows are still popping up in old home renovations. It has been thought until recently that Tiffany lamps were soley designed by Tiffany, but recent revelations suggest that Clara Driscoll and a team of talented young women also played a large role in the lamp designs. Rather ironic, as the 1920's were a turning point for Women's rights.

I adore these lamps and have been scoping them out for a few years now. Nowadays most Tiffany lamps are reproduction but usually still start over $100. Authentic Tiffany's are priceless and a gorgeous piece of American Design history. Aren't they just spectacular?

These next two are my favorites...

But with my move to Alaska on my mind, maybe I should be keeping my eye out for some like this next one...

Before we got orders to move, I literally had these pendants lights from Plow and Hearth in my cart. I planned to put them above my kitchen island. They are so beautiful and they screw right into a recessed light can. That's right! They screw right into a socket!! BRILLIANT! And right now they are only $60!

These are just the lamps that caught my eye. There is so much more out there, anything from sconces to chandeliers. All of these lamps are online at merchants such as Tiffany Lamps Galore, Simply Table Lamps, and Overstock and range in price anywhere from $65 to $309. All images are numbered for reference below:

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