Friday, September 10, 2010

Bootlegger Kahlua {Best of the 1920's}

You didnt think we could have a 1920's theme week without a post about the prohibition did you? ;)  Prohibition was enacted in the US from 1920 to 1933. The endeavor has been widely considered a failure as it led to the popularity of "bootlegging" and the rise of organized crime as it became the sole distributor of illegal alcohol. Prohibition also led to the famous speakeasies of the era. A secret nod, shake, and wink could get you into a wild party dripping with "moonshine" and hot jazz! So, to truly pay tribute to the era I had to dig deep and search out the inner bootlegger...

Last Fall my sister-in-law introduced to me to homemade Kahlua. I begged her for the recipe so I could make my own and put it in Christmas gift baskets. It was a HUGE hit! This is so yummy and seriously easy!

Here's what you need to get started...

1 12-cup pot very strong coffee (chocolate flavored is best, I used Godiva Chocolate Truffle)
2 lbs. light brown sugar

6 tablespoons vanilla extract
1 bottle 190 proof Clear Springs or Everclear (In some states, including WA, they dont allow that high of a proof so you have to settle for 151)

Bring coffee to a boil in a large pot. Gradually add 2 lbs. light brown sugar and return to boil stirring constantly. Give the pot an ice bath to cool it to room temperature.
When completely cool, add the vanilla and the alcohol. This recipe yields five 750ml bottles of Kahlua. Technically, the Kahlua is ready to serve but I like to age it for a couple months. I think it smooths out over time. If you want to use this for Christmas gifts, I suggest doing this soon to give time to age.
I save up old liquor bottles to age the Kahlua in, then when I am assembling my gift baskets I transfer it to bottles like these from Amazon...
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Update: Sept 14th
This was featured on Under The Table And Dreaming today! :D


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