Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Travel- The Great Suitcase Debate

Last week we bought our plane tickets for our move to Alaska. We are making a side trip home to Colorado to spend Christmas with family and then flying directly to Alaska from there. We bought tickets now to avoid the price hikes as the holidays draw nearer. My son turns two in December, so this is the first trip we have to pay for the extra ticket. Ouch! Can you believe it's already time to start planning holiday travel? Where did this year go? Have you started planning yet?

As I am planning this trip and our move I have started taking inventory of our suitcases. We have a really nice 4 piece set of Samsonite's I scored on sale a couple years ago. They look like this one...

I could kiss whoever invented suticases on casters...those have saved my life so many times when flying alone with a newborn and an 80lb dog! But, the set only has one large checked bag and one standard carry on. Let's face it... two adults, one toddler, and a Golden Retriever....its just not going to cut it.

I have been wishing for a large rolling garment bag for ages and I think this opportunity might just warrant finally getting one! My sister travels with one and after seeing her pack and use hers on vacation I was sold! No awkward folding, realizing its not fitting, unfolding, refolding, smashing, rolling, or sitting on suitcases to zip them up. She just walks into her closet, casually picks out her outfits and hangs them neatly in the garment bag. There are hard sided compartments for shoes and accessories, and once she loads her hanging toiletry bag she just folds it, zips it and she done! Whaaaat!?! I couldnt believe my eyes. She just rocked my world and changed the way I travel forever! I was even further sold when once we're at the hotel she didnt need to unpack or rifle through a suitcase. She just hung up her clothes which were still on her own hangers, and her clothes looked great! No ironing for her.

I have suitcase envy.

Anyway, I have been scouting out garment and toiletry bags online and I have found several I like. I am strongly considering this suitcase, because it has lots of compartments, seems to be similar to my sister's, and it comes in blue which would match my existing set.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

Am I the only one who is crazy picky about lugguge? Any seasoned travellers out there? Share your wisdom. :)


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