Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tiffany Lamps on Clearance?? YES!

What could make me skip and start chanting "good things come to those who wait!"? Three words- Tiffany Lamps and Clearance! Oh how I have longed for a Tiffany lamp. I adore them. I swoon over them. I drool over them. And now thanks to an AMAZING sale I can drool over them in my own living room! Read on for details...

After I wrote my Tiffany lamp post for my 1920's Throwback Week, I discovered that JCPenney Home sells Dale Tiffany lamps.

I loved this mission style lamp ever since I laid eyes on it, but I had to admire from afar with its price tag of $200. About 6 weeks ago, while passing by it again, I noticed a tiny pink sale sticker on it. It had been marked down to $89. A great deal, yet still out of reach. Then, last week I recieved a clearance notification and coupon in the mail, so I headed out to scout out some Christmas ideas, and I checked on the lamp again. Just in case, you just never know ;) Well, there it was and what was dangling from it but another pink sale tag. I held my breath, my heart skipped a beat, and I didnt trust my eyes when I read the tag.... could it be?


I calmly called for my husband to come over. There were alot of serious sale shoppers around me so I didnt want to make a scene and draw attention to the goldmine I just fell into. My hubby confirmed that it indeed was on sale for $39. He couldnt believe it either! Oh but it gets soooo much better!!! With that price, we could afford TWO!! No way!!! Because I had a coupon for $20 off we got both lamps for get this...

$63 total! We saved $337!

 They complete my living room. I have been saying for months now that there was just something missing in my living room design. These lamps take the show and pull the whole room together. I decided to take these pics at night because I just love the warmth they bring to the room in the evening. Its so warm and cozy now!

Did you notice there is a Tiffany style torchiere in the left corner? Its a knock off from Target that I brought down from my office to complete the set.

While we are in the living room, let me show you my mantle. I just redid it for Thanksgiving and I have been meaning to share it with you.

I took down all the Halloween decor and added all my pumpkins and and my large acorn. Last minute, I decided to add my Goodwill pear light {love}. Maybe its too early but I strung some popcorn and fresh cranberry garland. I wanted to drape it from the mantle, but I quickly realized it wouldnt stand a chance against my popcorn loving Golden Retriever and the grips of my toddler son, so I just laid it on top of the mantle. To give it more weight and depth I added pieces of driftwood and draped the garland over it.
So there you have it. What do you think? It feels like Thanksgiving in here. Have you ever found such a bargain? Do share :) And, if you are loving these lamps guess what? They are still on sale! There was one more left at my local store but there we lots of other Tiffany lamps on sale too AND I just got another coupon from JCPenney good for 15% all clearance items this week. Maybe you can snatch up a steal too?


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