Saturday, June 11, 2011

DIY No-Cost Train Wall Art

My toddler son loves trains. He adores them. He is obsessed with them. The other day in his sleep he chanted "choo-choo". When it came time to decorate his new room, there was no question it was going to be a big boy train room. I am still working on several elements in the room, but I finished this set of wall art so it is ready to share! I made it with materials I had on hand so it cost me nothing! I love that!

Read on for up-close pictures and to see how I made it!

I found the train car drawing from several online image sources and resized them in my Photoshop Elements so they were all the same size. I did this so when hung next to each other they would appear to be a part of the same train. I found the easiest way to do this was make sure the wheels were all the same size.

I wanted it to have an antique drawing look to it, so I printed the drawings on an ivory cardstock. I used my scalloped shears around the edges which gives it an almost postage stamp appearance. I then centered and mounted it on a black 12x12" scrapbook cardstock to give it a gallery look.

I already had four black 12x12" frames on hand. I originally bought them when we lived in Washington at Ben Franklin Craft 3/$15. I am certain you can find them at most craft, scrapbook, or framing stores. You can use any size frame you want though. Might look nice with 8x10" frames hung horizontally too.

Lastly, I centered them on the wall and hung them about 2-3" apart. I then cut 4" pieces of yarn (twine or sisal rope, or small chains would look neat too) and taped them to the backs of the frames to "hitch" the train cars together.

A super easy, fast, and budget friendly project that just looks soooo cool in his room. I hung it above the train table in his room and he LOVES it! It's gives his room a more "big boy" feel and is even nice enough to display in a family room.

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