Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reinventing Dog Food Storage

Last week, we were finally reunited with our Golden Retriever, Duke! We haven't seen Duke since December. Nothing made me feel more like we were moving to a whole 'nother world more than the fact that it was too cold in Alaska to fly our dog. That's right. Too cold. There is an embargo that doesn't allow dogs to fly in the cargo compartments until well into April! APRIL? Yes, it has to be above 45 degrees for a certain amount of time before they will lift it. So, what did we do with him from December until June? We decided to fly him home to Colorado where our amazing families took turns caring for him. We were so sad to leave him. We just couldn't wait to get him up here. We just knew he would LOVE Alaska. We were without our sweet puppy for 7 months!!! The wait is finally over and my sister brought him with her when she came for her first visit to Alaska!

In the last couple weeks we have been preparing the house for the return of our dog. Buying food, toys, a new bed, getting a yard scooper service, etc. As we prepared, I came across the problem of where to put his dog bowls and food storage. Our new house here in Alaska is quite small and floor space is at a premium. I didn't want to put it in the garage because of the winters, so the only place left is my dining room. So far it is working out fine- it is a place to dine after all, ha- but I quickly realized I needed his bowls and food storage to be discreet and "pretty" since this is a room we live in and entertain in.

Read on for a look at some neat, unique, and even economical dog food storage solutions...

Has anyone noticed how ridiculously expensive dog food containers are? I mean its just a plastic tub and stores are charging well over $30-50 for them! OUCH! That just seems ridiculous to me and I have refused to pay that. I do however appreciate the ease of use, hygienic factor, and the organizational benefits. Design wise, I think they have a long way to go. Even though they are more appealing than a bag, they are not something I want in plain sight. Most consumers probably have a large pantry, closet, laundry room, or garage to keep it in, and for that use the plastic tubs work just fine. My house is so small that I literally have no where to hide mine so I need it to be disguised.

So, after weighing a lot of options, I decided to go with this linen hamper from Walmart. It is made by Canopy and was $19. It collapses into a small flat square too- perfect for all the moving we do. Since its not lined, I just put his entire 35lb bag inside and scoop straight out of the bag. The hamper makes a great disguise and matches the dining room decor perfectly. 

The dog bowls on the right are temporary. I bought Duke a nice set while in Hawaii of all places but alas, I forgot to pack them so these make shift bowls will have to do until my husband brings them home in a few days.

Even though I decided to go the subtle route, I have seen some other really cute options like these classic, labeled tin ones from Harry Barker...
Harry Barker 11 gallon Dog Food Storage in White
Harry Barker 11 gallon Dog Food Storage in Silver

If you are looking for something with a little more pizazz and a splash of color check out this option (also from Harry Barker)...

Harry Barker Dog Food Canister (Bon Chien) 10, 22, & 40 lb
So cute!! You could order the ones from Harry Barker or find your own metal containers and use a Silhouette to make your own pretty vinyl labeling. It would be fun to look for neat containers...wouldn't an old milk can be fun???
I'm kinda LOVING this milk can idea. Until I find one the hamper will suffice, and once I find one I will have a nice hamper for my closet!

If you are one of the lucky ones to have a closet, pantry, or space in the garage for the plastic containers, I found a flipping awesome deal on the plastic tubs. While roaming the outdoor entertaining aisles at Target the other day I ran across a plastic bin originally designed to store charcoal. It has the same dimensions as pet food containers. And guess what... it is only $3.49!!! I couldn't believe it! It even says it weather proof if you would like to keep in on the back deck or something. Part of the lid flips up for easy scooping. It is made by Kingsford and can be found in the charcoal grilling aisle. I didn't look at the plastic recycling number, so I would recommend looking at that to make sure the plastic is safe for pet food storage. If you want to be really safe you could line it with a bag. WOW, that's a deal!

So, I am curious... what do you use to store pet food? Where do you keep it? 


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