Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Salads: Tangled Thai Salad with Peanut Lime Dressing

One of my favorite things about summer is all the fresh produce! This is the season to experience fresh healthy salads at their best! This week I tried out a new recipe for a Tangled Thai Salad I found in an issue of House & Home. I inevitably put my own spin on it to use the ingredients I had readily available. This salad is amazing!! Hands down my new favorite! If you like the Thai Crunch Salad at California Pizza Kitchen, or even just like Thai in general you will love this salad!

Read on for the recipes...
For my birthday, my husband ordered me a digital subscription on my iPad to my favorite magazine, House & Home! I found this delicious recipe for a Thai salad in their May 2011 Issue. (PS: if you aren't familiar with this magazine, you wont regret getting acquainted. LOVE!)

This is the original recipe...
It calls for some ingredients I didn't have on hand so I started tweaking it. Generally, I don't care for beets, though I would have tried it in this salad, I didn't have it on hand so I left it out. For the dressing, we had used all our fresh ginger to make our Hawaiian Ginger Coolers so I substituted powdered ginger. I couldn't find Samal Oelek South Asian Chili Sauce so I substituted Sweet Chili Sauce. Since the recipe called for organic sugar I figured the sweetness of my chili sauce would be fine and I could omit the sugar from my recipe. I also didn't have Tamari sauce so I used the soy sauce I had in my refrigerator since it is a type of soy sauce anyway. Go figure the grocery store in my small town doesn't carry sunflower oil so I added a bit more sesame oil and omitted the sunflower oil. And finally, I didn't have coconut milk so I added a splash of soy milk with a couple teaspoons of my dried coconut flakes.

Here is my tweaked-up recipe...

Oh goodness this salad was tasty! My recipe serve 4 large portions so we had leftovers for the next night. I served the leftovers with a Kashi Grilled Veggie Pizza and it was so yummy!

If you are looking for more summer salad inspiration, here's a recipe I shared last summer for my Greek Salad.



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