Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Tree Cutting 2011

In the last couple years we have made it a family tradition to cut our own Christmas tree. There is just something so rustic and authentic about a real tree plucked from the forest. Black Friday we skipped the sales and opted to traipse around in the pristine snow in search of the "perfect" tree. It was such a beautiful day and we didn't see another soul out there but the three moose trailing along side us. 

This is the first year that we went into a true forest to cut a tree. Usually we went to a sustainable "farm" in the Washington foothills to cut one. This was so much fun to be out there enjoying Alaskan nature in almost three feet of powdery snow and our permit for the tree was free... bonus!

Alaska is so beautiful, and winter in Alaska is our favorite!

Marching from one tree to another... 

"maybe this one?"
"nope, too short"
"this one?"
"let's shake the snow off and see..."
"no, too bare"  

After about thirty to forty minutes of that... 

"How about this one?"

Yep! It's perfect!!!

I put my Eagle Scout to work cutting it down, while I sled around with our son.

Our son loves to be Daddy's little helper, and I love watching them together.

Here's our tree this year! It's taller here, but once it made it home we cut it down to 12 feet. We love to have super tall Christmas trees. We may even make soaring ceilings a priority when looking at prospective homes ;o) It's a tradition from my husband's family and I LOVE it!

About to head home, I snapped this last shot of our son before we plucked him out of the snow and put him in the truck. He loves playing in the snow. Right before I took this he said "Mom, look I'm swimming in the snow!"

I'll be back later with the pictures of the tree all set up at home and our decking of the halls.

Do you cut your own tree? What kind of tree traditions do you have? If you would like to find a Christmas tree farm near you, check out this site, Pick-Your-Own. They chronicle farms in every state! 


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