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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Simple & Elegant Baby Shower {free printables}

All week I have been planning a baby shower for my dear friend Sarah.  The shower was on Saturday and now I can share all the details about everything from the invites to the games and the decor. Read on for the details and to download the printables...

First things first, lets talk invitations. I am a traditionalist when it comes to invitations. I love how they set the tone for an event and let guests know what to expect. I wanted these invites to be unique and a tad bit sophisticated. I made a printed insert out of pearlized cardstock that fit into a sort of envelope that I made out of a gray Bazill and a pearlized patterned scrapbook paper. This is what it looks like when you pull it out of the envelope...

And this is what the printed insert looks like...
No, the picture isnt blurry, I had to pixelate some of the more personal info before posting this.

For the decor, I didnt want to be too cheesy or overdone so I opted to make a couple paper chandeliers.
How to make the paper chandies:
        • Cut out a couple different sizes of circles from cardstock
        • String 3-5 circles by running a stitch over them using a sewing machine or just tape them to a string
        • Cut out a 18' donut shaped circle out of an old cardboard box
        • Cover the donut shapped circle by wrapping it with ribbon or paint it
        • Attach the strings of circles to the larger donut shaped circle and your done!
        • Tack the chandy to the ceiling or string it up to the ceiling if you want it to look more like a hanging mobile
Here's a shot of the linear chandy I hung over the food display...

Speaking of food, my amazing husband is even more of a foodie than I, and the sweetheart he is wanted to be my caterer! I know, I am blessed :) Here are some shots of the mouthwatering bites he prepared for us...
Oh it was all so yummy! I had so much fun plating all the dishes and setting up the display. I made the labels and propped them on my placecard holders I got from the dollar store last year. The labels pulled it all together and they were so helpful for our guests.

This was the first shower I have hosted and I really wanted to make sure everyone had fun so I came up with a couple games. The combined winner of them all got a prize...the newest Real Simple Magazine! :) We had a great time with them so I saved the games and the gift list so they can be downloaded and printed. Next time you are throwing a shower, maybe these can save you some time. :)

Click HERE to download the Baby Trivia game
Click HERE to download the Baby Word Scramble game
Click HERE to download the Memories Of Mom activity
And click HERE to download the gift list
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