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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

{DIY} How to turn Accent Rugs into Large Area Rugs

I love love love modern shag area rugs! What I dont love is how much they can cost. I found this to be a problem when decorating my new living room. Since we are in Alaska, I decided to pay homage to my inner snowboarder bunny and decorate the living room in a vintage ski chalet style. I couldnt bring myself to lay down a fur rug but a large shaggy carpet might conjur the same effect. So I made it my mission to achieve the look for less. Read on to see how I did it...

For the size of my new living room I knew I needed at least a 5x8' area rug. A nice shag area rug of that size  can easily run $200-$400, and I just dont have that big of a budget for this room. While stocking up on some cleaning supplies for the new house at Costco, I spotted the perfect shag rug.

It was exactly the right color and texture, it just happened to be a fourth of the size I needed. They were selling the bath rug for $20. Thats when I had a light bulb moment. What if I...

...sewed them all together?!?

So you might be thinking I am just as crazy as the rest of the Costco shoppers did when they saw me frantically searching for every last one of these rugs and scattering them all around the aisle, BUT hang in there with me. Think about it... they are really shaggy rugs so it would perfectly disguise any seams. I ran the idea by my husband who witnessed the whole debacle, and completely to my surprise he jumped on board!

So I bought 4 individual rugs and hand stitched them together. I overlapped the existing seams and used embroidery floss to stitch them tightly together.
Sooo....what do you think???

No one who has seen the rug can tell it was sewn together. Can you?

It's especially hard to tell now that its paired with my furniture, so here's a little sneak peak of my new living room!

I am smitten! Cant wait to add a couple finishing touches and share the whole room with you!
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