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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Herringbone Art- A Pinterest Project

Remember when I posted about my master bedroom redecorating project back in September?

Well, nothing has changed in there... until now. I still needed something for the wall on my husband's side of the bed, and that is when I saw this art piece on Pinterest...

Cozamia via Pinterest
This is actually an art print, but I liked the idea of painting over an abstract print with a white herringbone pattern. So, I grabbed this painting that has been sitting in my garage sale pile for a year now...

And then I painted over it abstractly with some of my acrylic paints. I love the colors in the inspriration print but I chose a palette that matches the decor in the room.

Then I covered the canvas in strips of painter's tape placed in a herringbone pattern. I did this while I emptied my DVR. It wasn't too tedious. Then I ripped off a couple strips here and there. And finally, I painted over it with white paint.

After the white paint dried, I peeled off all the strips and wa-la! It's done!

And here it is in the master bedroom. Pardon the photos, they were taken with my iPhone.

The room is complete... for now. I am always switching things up all over my house, but I actually feel "done" for the first time since we moved. In that room at least :) Thanks again, Pinterest- you never fail me. How has Pinterest inspired you lately?

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