Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple Chicken Posole Soup

While looking for new recipes I can double and freeze, I ran across chef Bobby Flay's Posole Soup. His recipe called for it all to be made from scratch. While I am certain that his version is most delicous, I don't have that kind of time or patience so I adapted the recipe using some store bought items. This soup is so delicioso and unbelievably fast and easy to make. Read on for the recipe...

I substituted Bobby's homemade chicken stock with 6 cups of store bought. Call us crazy, but both my husband and I don't eat mushrooms so I left out the porcinis in my recipe. I don't like the texture of mushrooms but I do like the earthy flavor it gives food, so I when I cut mushrooms out of a recipe I always add some of my Black Truffle Salt. Also, we are big fans of chiles so I made mine with 3 Anchos, but we both agreed it would be better with even more!

While my chicken stock was simmering, I pan roasted my chicken breasts and then shredded them using forks.
I destemmed and seeded my rehydrated Ancho chiles. I always wear gloves when working with chiles after many instances of stinging, watering eyes!

Next, I took the Ancho chiles and put them in the food processor with 1/4 cup of the chicken stock. I pureed it until smooth.
While the chiles pureed, I chopped up some cilantro. The recipe calls for 2 tablespoons, but I can never have enough cilantro so I always throw in a little extra for good measure.
Finally, I added the shredded chicken, the chiles, the cilantro, and a 28 ounce can of hominy to the chicken stock and simmered it for 15 minutes.
I added my Black Truffle Salt and fresh ground pepper, then laddled it into my soup bowls. I topped it with some store bought tortilla strips, shredded white cheddar, and a garnish of cilantro. Mmmmm mmmm!!
I hope you try this and if you do let me know what you think! It was a huge hit at my house.
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