Thursday, July 21, 2011

Master bedroom progress and a splash of vintage brass!

Oooo la la!!! Check out my new brass beauty. I gave my UPS man confirmation that I am nuts today, as I snatched the box from his hands and ripped open the package containing this vintage brass pharmacy lamp right before his eyes. Oh I am in love! I ordered it off Etsy, and though it seemed to take forever to ship in all reality it was probably only because I wanted to have it in my grubby hands right now! This is the first piece for my master bedroom facelift. I really didn't want to change any of the elements of the room until I had it in there.

Read on, for the rest of the update and more bedroom inspiration...
This is what my side of the room looked like before...

And now this is what my side of the room looks like now...

Notice, I found a use for my coffee sacks? Who knew a new brass lamp could end a terrible debate about what to do with a coffee sack? I wanted to lean a large art piece behind the lamp to give the room a real eclectic world traveler feel but also to help fill up the space the old lampshade used to fill and balance the room. I gave my lamp a little more height with a couple of my favorite design books that are usually on my nightstand anyway. I like the casual eclectic look it gives too. Then I just added a couple tchotchkes from around the house.

Here's a shot of what the bed and both nightstands look like now...

I brought the faux fur throw pillows in from the living room. I like the natural texture it lends to the room. I also changed up my hubby's nightstand by switching out the previously matching silver stick lamps for a red ceramic one I had stashed in the guest room, and then just added some interesting objects from around the house.

I am still debating what color to paint the dresser flanking the bed. A couple of you have suggested not to paint it at all. I feel like I would like a change. It's been black for 6 years now. I am getting tired of decorating around it and not with it. Do you know what I mean? Ideally I would love for it to be a beautiful walnut stain, but alas, this is not a solid wood piece so paint it is. Hmm, I just don't know. I am going to live with my new nightstand set up for a couple days and see if it inspires me one way or another.

So, does this new update help you see my vision for the room? It was beautiful before but very matchy-matchy and rather hotel-like. I want there to be more texture, substance, color, and life to the room. I want to live in the room. I am so drawn to vintage, eclectic, world traveler style spaces like these...

House Beautiful, July 2008
Lonny, July/Aug 2011
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Sacramento Street
Does this post change anyone's thoughts about the paint color for the dresser? I am almost debating moving my dining room bureau up to the bedroom.

But I love it SO much in the dining room. Eeesh. Maybe I should consider thrifting for an entirely different bedroom dresser and sell the current one...


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