Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Master Bedroom Tour (Alaska home)

Have you noticed the new look on the blog? I decided it was time to freshen it up again. I am digging it. I love to change things up, not only on the blog but in my home. Apparently this week I must have needed a change because not only did I change up the blog but I even changed some furniture placement in the house. I love to do that. I instantly feel like a new person, ya know what I am talking about? Anyway, while I was sprucing up the blog I realized that I still haven't posted any of our new spaces. Geesh! How could that be? Design is my passion and yet I haven't shared what I have going on here yet? I really do know why. It's because it never feels complete. Due to time, budget, seasons, my need to change things up, or even just the natural ebb and flow of creativity my spaces are dynamic- continually morphing. I am sure you know what I mean. Either you are always searching for the perfect nightstand, making room for seasonal decor, or tweaking furniture placement for that perfect fit. Anyway, it just never feels completely put together for that perfect before and after post, so I have decided to approach it a little differently. I am just going show ya what I got and let you all in on the journey of the transformation, and hopefully you can help me out along the way.

First up, my master bedroom. Read on, to take a little peek and help me pick out some colors.
So, the master in this house is at the top of the stairs and has a double door entry.

Here's my pretty bed. I love this bed. The bed itself gives any bedroom some architecture, but I love the bedding the most! This girl is a 1000 thread count hog. Actually, our 1000 thread count sheets wore out quickly but we have had these microfiber sheets for a couple years now and I dare say they are softer and they still look and feel brand new. They are made by SpaLena if you are curious. We found them at a Costco road show one year, but you can still order them online at Stop Drop and Relax and well as RuValonline

This is the other wall, facing the bed. I think I want to change out the photos on the gallery wall but I am waiting until I decide what to do with the dresser. More on that after the rest of the tour. I also need to figure out how I want to display my coffee sacks from Kona.

This is the view toward my side of the room. We have a sliding glass door out to a private balcony that overlooks the Chugach Mountains and a glacier. This is one of my very favorite things about the house. In the winter, we could watch the Northern Lights while snuggled up in our bed. Love.

And there you have it! I have tweaked a couple things (like the duvet) since moving in. If you remember my Monogram Mirror project my old comforter was a linen with floral...

After posting, the mirror project I had an epiphany! When I married my husband I promised to always have a gender neutral bed. How did I forget and get away with floral??? That man is a saint. Even though I looooooved that bedding, I moved it to the guest room. I really love the new one now! I went for a neutral linen with a geometric pattern. Would you believe that in my search for the new set I went to Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and Crate and Barrel and came up empty handed? I was flabbergasted. I found our new set at Target! It's by Thomas O'Brien.
Wow, I think it looks waaaaaay better on my bed ;) 

Anyway, I haven't done much with the room other than the mirror and the duvet because the movers busted our bed and night stands. I've been waiting for the claim to come through. Well, its taking too long so I am going to start playing with the room anyway.

So that brings me to a project I have in mind. Remember, the dresser? Well, I am thinking I want to paint it. I painted it black 6 years ago. It's apart of what is now our guest room set but the new guest room wasn't big enough for it and we really need it our room anyway. I am thinking a pretty emerald or indigo to add color to the room. Right now the room is very neutral and I need color! 

This is the best mock up I could come up with for now...

What is your opinion? Do you get what I am going for here? My husband wanted me to paint it cream and do the trim in an emerald. I don't see that going very well and I want to bring in some serious color and I think that won't be a big enough punch. I also need to bring in some hardware... haha! The existing holes are an odd size so it has been hardware-less for 6 years now. I'd sure appreciate some help here!


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