Sunday, December 18, 2011

Decorating bathrooms for Christmas- {tips & a tour}

A couple days ago, I showed you all my bedrooms decked out in their festive glory. Today, we take a look at the bathrooms.  I didn't go over the top since these are such small spaces in my home, but added a couple fun touches here and there.

This is my ensuite...

I draped some golden garland over the towel rack, and hung up our white with green striped towels (Click here for my post about organizing the towel bar). This garland is particularly fun because it matches the framed vanity mirror on the opposite wall.

I dressed up the commode with a small piece of garland and hung up the skis on the wall above it. I added a basket of plush washcloths on the counter and lit my Pottery Barn Paperwhite candle (my very scent of all time). I also switched out the spring green shower curtain for white. I love my new toilet paper basket. I ordered it from a Thirty-One party because get this, our bathroom doesn't have a tp holder! The vanity is a rather far reach from the commode as is the wall in front it, so I guess I can see why there isn't one, but still!

Moving downstairs to the Powder Room...

I decided to go with a woodland holiday theme in here so I potentially won't have to rush to take downy eh decor after the holidays pass. I picked up the pinecone rug, pinecone soap dispenser, and cream colored monogrammed towel at Kohls. I brought in one of my mercury glass candlesticks and candle.  And since this picture was taken I have draped a super thin strand of long needled garland around the mirror frame.

Above the commode, I brought in the nutcracker my husband sent to me during his first deployment. He was deployed over Christmas and picked up the little guy has he passed through Germany. He has some forest green tones so he fit with the woodlandy decor in there. I paired him with some more of that long-needled pine garland and turned a basket on its side and filled it with extra tp.

Tips for bringing the holiday cheer to the bathroom...

- Throw down a festive rug. It could even be a welcome mat if its a powder room for guests.
- Integrate fresh scents of the season with holiday candles. My personal favorites are soy candles like Pottery Barn's Paperwhite and Mrs Meyers Iowa Pine which I buy at Target.

- Introduce some holiday decor like holly or garland
- Hang a couple pretty ornaments with ribbon from the lighting fixture
- Layer holiday fingertip towels over your existing towels.
- Bring in a fun night light. My powder room has a cute snowman plugged in.
- If you don't want to burn candles, think about bringing in a plug-in fragrance like Febreeze White Fir. I particularly like tree scents for bathrooms as they aren't overwhelming in small spaces like bathrooms and they leave a clean scent.
- Holidays are all about warmth and coziness, so bring in a lot of plush towels, extra tp, and textures like baskets.


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