Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Christmas Home Tour: Bedrooms

Last night, I was doing some light house cleaning and realized that every room in my house is decorated for Christmas this year. That made me smile. I love it! I have always wanted a fully decorated Christmas home. So festive! I don't know why it happened this year, as it was actually inadvertent, but I think its because its our first year in our new home. The new house is much, much smaller than our house in Washington. Real estate in Alaska is heavily inflated, so our new house is over 1,000 square feet less and yes, we are paying much more for it. Ugh. Upside, we apparently collected a lot of Christmas decor but didn't know it until we saw it in a smaller home. I've already shown you the living areas, so today lets take a peek at the bedrooms...

Let's begin in the master bedroom...

I fell head over heels last year for Pottery Barn's MacCallan duvet. I had plans to create my own duvet with red plaid sheets but hadn't come across a sheet pattern that called to me. Til I found these sheets that is! I spotted these as I was running through Walmart. I couldn't believe my eyes! There were exactly what I pictured. Bonus, they are super duper soft microfiber too. Well, I still do have plans to make these into a duvet but I ran out of time to do it this holiday season so I will have to save that project for next year. We will use them this year for their originally intent as sheets... haha! I love them just like this as well.

I added a fresh wreath above the bed, over my momogrammed mirror. It smells ahh-mazing! I love waking up to the scent of its piney goodness!

Our reindeer have migrated upstairs, and have taken up residence on our nightstands, greeting us with Christmas cheer each daybreak.

Even our dresser got dressed up for the holiday with a little garland

I just love waking up in that room! 

Now, here's a little peek at the guest room...

We don't have any overnight guests planned for this holiday but I threw a couple festive pillows in there just for good measure. Helps add a little cheer to that room since that bed is doubling as our gift wrapping station this year... ha!

And we couldn't forget our 3 year old son's room...

He wanted to have his own Christmas tree in his room and I loved the idea of having a fun tree for him so we picked out this colorful little tree and plan to hand make fun ornaments for it every year.

So there's the bedrooms, Ill be back later with the bathrooms!

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